ASSIP's QGIS Mapserver


This is the map server of the ASSIP-Project. It is currently under heavy development. It uses the QGIS-Web-Client to serve all available maps. The map server is also capable of answering WMS and WFS requests (see below).

Currently available maps

The following is a list of the currently available maps. Opened once, it's possible to switch between all maps by clicking on "map themes" and choose a map within the web client.

Currently available services

This section will includes the list of services the server offers (WMS etc.) and how to connect to them. Currently these services are not up and running. At the moment WMS and WFS capabilities are supported via, e.g. You can have a closer look at the server's capabilities by asking for them via GetCapabilities.


The following list is a roadmap summarizing all the features that still need to be implemented.


The server is maintained by Niklaas Baudet von Gersdorff @

based on HTML5 Boilerplate — 2014-07-20